2014: A Year of Change

As the newest member of the Florida Therapy leadership team I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for welcoming me into the FTS Family, and allowing me the opportunity to contribute to the Mission of Florida Therapy Services as we provide outstanding services to our clients. While 2013 has been an excellent year, we must begin looking into 2014, and the key word will be “CHANGE,” in all areas of healthcare.

The healthcare industry is being asked, no required, to fundamentally question how and at what cost it provides services. We have on a national level the Affordable Care Act, at a state level the expansion of Managed Medicaid in Districts 1 & 2, and on a company level we are in the middle of implementing our first electronic health records system.

These forces will require us to challenge and be willing to change what we do each and every day as we meet the needs of our clients. Change by its very nature is both exciting and scary but for all of us at Florida Therapy we will need to embrace the opportunities 2014 will present us to grow and excel in both our professional and personal lives. I look forward to a great and changing 2014 for all of us.

Happy New Year to all!


Dan Morgan, CFO

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