2021 Strategic Plan

Dear Clients and Partners:

As part of our 2021 Strategic plan and in an effort to strive for continuous improvement, Florida Therapy Services is implementing new procedures and improving our current systems by taking the following steps:

  • deploying a new more user friendly Telemedicine program
  • deploying a new state of the art electronic medical records program
  • increasing the use of automated reminders.

Please continue to use the customer surveys to help us understand your needs.

Florida Therapy Services

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What We Offer

Behavioral Health Services

People meeting at a table

We help assist children, adolescents, adults, and families who have complex needs in an effort to prevent a more intensive and restrictive behavioral health placement. Behavioral Health addresses the connection between behavior, mental health, and the health and wellness of the body, mind, and your inner self.

Healthy behavior can positively impact physical and mental health, prevent illness, and promote a healthier quality of life. Our Behavioral Health Services include Psychiatric services, Individual and Family Therapy, Case Management, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, Community Outreach, and Group Therapy. 

Telemedicine Services

We seek to provide our services to as many people in need as possible. We understand that many people who require our services may not have access to regular transportation; may have other responsibilities that prevent them from being able to keep regular appointments; or may simply live too far to make regular trips to one of our clinics practical. With our telemedicine program, we are able to provide our services via the internet to clients on their computers, or smart devices. The types of services offered through telemedicine include therapy, medication management, assessments, and psychiatric evaluations. This allows us to reach a larger number of clients in need in the comfort of their home.

Person working at laptop for Telemedicine

Psychiatric Services

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We provide evaluation and medication management. Our psychiatric services deliver behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and adults. We provide high-quality care which involves diagnosis and treatment of symptoms related to behavior, cognition, mood disorders, and perceptions.

Some common disorders are : depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADD/ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and PTSD.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach - Two people talking at a table

Florida Therapy Services works creatively to improve engagement with clients in the community. We support our clients who are stepping down from a hospitalization by maintaining robust relationships with many of the receiving centers and psychiatric hospitals operating in our service areas. We work collaboratively with external partners to ensure timely referrals and connection with Florida Therapy Services providers. Our rapid and comprehensive response helps our clients improve social functioning and promote stability in their and their families' lives .