System Down

Paper Process

In the event IOS loses connectivity and is not available to generate encounters, each office has been provided a complement of paper documents for all disciplines. These have also been provided to the Program Directors. The following process will be used to complete paper documents.

  1. Once you have provided a service, complete the associated paper document.
  2. An IOS service log entry will be completed for each service you provide. The IOS service log must have your name on the top left, and the date you are turning it in to the office on top right. The log section will require the Client Name, Encounter Type, and Date of service.
  3. Once the IOS service log is completed, place the clinical documents beneath the log, hand in to the office as soon as you can safely. Keep copies of all clinical documents and service logs.
  4. Once IOS has returned to operations:
    1. Start all the encounters for the clients you saw during the IOS outage.
    2. Your previously submitted IOS service logs will be reviewed at Corporate. This will be done to correct the dates of services.
      1. Ex. You provide a therapy session. You write the therapy note and annotate the service log. You drop off the note and service log at the office at your earliest convenience. The notes will be scanned and placed in the correct folders of the correct chart. The service log will be reviewed by the office to make sure the items references on the service log are present. The service log will be sent to the corporate office. Once IOS is up, and you have started the encounters, corporate will update those encounters to reflect the actual date of service. You will receive an email in IOS indicating the IOS service log (with multiple encounters on it) has been updated. You will review the chart and IF the paper document has been scanned and is present in the chart, you will bill and close the encounter. If the document is not present, you must wait until the document is present to close and bill the encounter.
  5. Administrative staff will “electronically staple” your scanned paper documents to the completed IOS encounters.

Click on any of the below document links to download. Click the Paper Process link to download specific instructions for the paper process.

Paper Process Group Therapy Progress Note Documentation Paper Initial Treatment Plan - Form Filler Paper Review of Treatment Plan - Form Filler Paper Adult Assessment Paper Child Assessment Paper Therapy Progress Notes TCM Progress Note - Adult TCM Progress Note - Child Disaster Response Service Log