Discharge Survey

If you would like to restart services, please contact our Referrals department at (850) 215-1942 or visit the referrals section of our website here.

Why were you discharged from services?

Please Rate the Following Statements Based on Your Experiences regarding the Care, Treatment and Services you Received:

Staff was helpful and attentive to my needs.

Florida Therapy Services staff treated me with respect.

My counselor actively listened to me during my sessions.

I could talk about anything I needed to share during my sessions.

I was given information about resources available to me in the community.

Overall, I was satisfied with the services I received.

Please Rate the Following Based on Your Treatment Plan:

I was involved with the development of my treatment plan and understood the goals outlined in it.

I was asked about my treatment goals and needs.

I was able to gain a better understanding my addictions and behaviors during my treatment.

Staff offered to involve my family in treatment.

Staff asked if my treatment goals were being met.

Additional Comments:

Please list the things you found most helpful in your treatment at Florida Therapy Services (Optional).

Please list some things you believe Florida Therapy Services could do better, areas that could be improved (Optional).

Please use this space to write any additional comments you may have (Optional).