The Techie Guide for the Non-Techie User

Welcome to our technology support page, where you will find latest reminders and ongoing guidance.  

We use technology daily for completion of various tasks, such as email correspondence and working in electronic health records. This page is dedicated to helping you work successfully with focus on the use of technology and policies that govern it.

Remember, the Three Keys to workplace success are: Care, Maintenance, and Prevention (C.M.P.).  


Reminder #1: To check Outlook, you must use Office 365. Please follow the steps below: 

1. On your browser of choice (i.e., Google Chrome) Go to
2. Click on Sign In at the top right corner of the page
3. Type in FTS email address for username (i.e.,, then click Next
4. Type in the usual Outlook password, then click Sign In, then click Yes to stay signed in.
5. Look on the far left and find the blue Outlook icon.
6. Click on the Outlook icon. This will bring up Outlook.
7. Click on the Settings icon at the top right of the page (it is two icons left of your initials).
8. You’ll see Themes and below that you’ll see Focused Inbox button is blue. Click on it to turn off Focused Inbox.
9. Scroll down and under Arrange message list, click to select Show each message separately.
10. Scroll to the top and click X next to settings to close the pane.

Reminder #2: Outlook email is not encrypted. When emailing in Outlook, please take all precautions to protect our clients’ Personal and Identifiable Health Information. Only state the client’s chart # number in your email. Otherwise, it is better to correspond in Echo about clients.  

Reminder #3: When sending attachments, please make sure to password protect the document you are attaching and send two separate emails. The first email should only provide the password to the protected document you are about to send and advise the recipient that they will receive a separate email with an attached document. The second email can provide the password protected attachment. Doing this will prevent from the attached document containing clients’ PHI from being compromised.


Below, each title in a blue color font is hyperlinked to open in a separate tab. Please click on the desired link you wish to view:

Technology Maintenance Reminders:

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