Corporate Training

Corporate Office Staff Training

For each training section below that requires an exam, please download and study the training materials first, then proceed to take the exam. If you do not pass the exam, please take the time to review the study materials again before retaking the exam. There is no limit to the number of times the exam may be taken.

Infection Prevention Training:

Infection Prevention Study Material
Infection Prevention Exam

Bloodborne Pathogens Training:

Bloodborne Pathogens Study Material
Bloodborne Pathogens Exam

Domestic Violence Training:

Domestic Violence Study Material
Domestic Violence Exam

HIPAA Training:

HIPAA Study Material

Preventing Workplace Violence Training:

Preventing Workplace Violence Study Material
Preventing Workplace Violence Exam

Conflict Resolution Training:

Conflict Resolution Study Material
Conflict Resolution Exam

Cultural Competency Training:

Cultural Competency Study Material
Cultural Competency Exam


CPR Training Access Instructions
CPR Training Link

Medicare Fraud, Waste & Abuse Training:

To take Medicare's online course and complete their quiz, click on the image below. If you arrive at a black screen, click "Resume." Type your name in the light blue field beneath "Enter your name to begin", press Enter on your keyboard, then click Begin.  Once you receive your completion certificate, please email a copy to your supervisor and



Disaster Preparedness Trainings

Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training Study Material
Active Shooter Training Exam

Medical Emergency Training

Medical Emergency Training Study Material
Medical Emergency Training Exam

Evacuation Planning Training

Evacuation Planning Training Study Material
Evacuation Planning Training Exam

Overdose Training

Overdose Training Study Material
Overdose Training Exam

Shelter in Place Training

Shelter in Place Training Study Material
Shelter in Place Training Exam

Terrorism Emergency Training

Terrorism Emergency Training Study Material
Terrorism Emergency Training Exam

Weather and Natural Disaster Training

Weather and Natural Disaster Training Study Material
Weather and Natural Disaster Training Exam

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Training Video
Fire Extinguisher Training Exam


Disaster Preparedness
Safety Manual